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CDW experts create integrated and scalable Eaton power management solutions designed to protect and support IT infrastructure.

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About Tripp Lite by Eaton

Eaton has long been a trusted name in backup power and power management. The addition of Tripp Lite’s expansive product portfolio transforms Eaton’s distributed IT infrastructure and connectivity equipment capabilities. Combining our product strengths and expert personnel allows us to offer comprehensive and innovative solutions for critical power and digital infrastructure applications, helping you successfully navigate the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Eaton 2030 Sustainability Goals

Eaton is committed to working toward a sustainable future. They continue to innovate in order to reduce product and supply chain emissions to meet their goals.

Powering Data Centered on the Edge

A Leader in edge computing technologies, Eaton offers power management solutions for distributed IT edge environments to keep mission-critical applications and devices running longer and prevent servers from data loss. These tools include uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power distribution units (PDU) and intelligent power management with environmental monitoring, advanced notifications, remote control capabilities, and automated responses for graceful shutdown. For deployments outside of physical data center edge solutions, Eaton is focused on two core edge environments:

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