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With a broad selection of interactive technologies from 5.5- to 65-inches, Elo delivers commercial-grade solutions perfect for retail, hospitality, entertainment, education, healthcare and manufacturing applications.


Create Amazing Interactive Experiences with Elo

Elo has been developing touchscreens for over 50 years that are purpose-built for interactivity and designed to survive continuous use. From mobile devices, POS systems, self-service kiosks, touch monitors and signage displays, Elo helps businesses solve all their interactive needs.

Modular by Design

Elo's software-agnostic, modular platform provides businesses with the building blocks to configure a multitude of solutions - making it easy to deploy applications from POS and self-service to BOPIS, price checkers and more. 

Interactive Digital Signage

Enhance Patient Care

In healthcare environments where consistent, long-lasting quality and touch performance are critical, Elo delivers commercial-grade, interactive products well-suited for a variety of medical applications and custom products for medical devices.

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Automation for Industry 4.0

Available in sizes ranging from 10- to -43-inches, Elo's highly reliable open-frame displays are purpose-built for integration into equipment, making them the best choice by the world's leading suppliers of industrial equipment for human-machine-interface devices.

Elo and CDW

Digital Transformation

CDW and Elo can help you orchestrate a digital transformation strategy that streamlines operations and improves customer engagement.

IT Support Services

CDW Amplified™ Support services deliver custom warranties, maintenance and support that augment your Elo solutions and drive business continuity.

Amplified™ Configuration Services

CDW makes it possible for you to simply unbox Elo solutions and go with Amplified™ Configuration services for fast, custom deployment and installation.

Call 800.808.4239 to contact us about Elo solutions for your organization.

Call 800.808.4239 to contact us about Elo solutions for your organization.