Create a Smart
Store with Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things

Digital transformation technologies can help your retail stores better manage inventory, connect with customers and streamline operations.

CDW can orchestrate a digital transformation strategy that helps retailers leverage all the new data that IoT provides to more effectively engage customers, secure and track inventory and reduce operating costs in stores.

CDW digital transformation services can keep your stores competitive.

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Digital Transformation Drives Retail Efficiencies

Digital technology doesn’t have to compete with brick-and-mortar retail. Rather, digital transformation can create the streamlined experience modern retail customers expect.

Improve customer experiences.

Technologies like RFID inventory tracking and smart shelves with weighted inventory sensors can give customers instantaneous access to the items they want to purchase and improve shopping satisfaction.

Pull ahead of the competition.

From beacons that give personalized discounts to mobile POS systems that enable quicker checkout times, the internet of things (IoT) in retail drives efficiencies in customer interactions and employee productivity and creates brand affinity in the minds of your customers. 

Reduce operational expenses.

IoT solutions can reduce traditional retail expenses by helping to optimize inventory management over multiple channels, strengthen in-store security with video surveillance and identify new revenue streams with data analytics.

Digital Transformation and IoT Trends in Retail

How Smart is Your Store?

Emerging technologies in Smart Retail, like predictive analytics, are helping illuminate customer behavior and enabling retailers to make real-time, in-context business decisions.

Digital Transformation Delivers Results for Omnichannel Retail

IoT-based inventory management technologies give you real-time visibility into your inventory, from the back end to the moment a customer decides to make a  purchase.

Six Infrastructure Elements Retailers Need to Support Digital Transformation

Digital transformation increases customer engagement and creates more sales opportunities, but retailers need to be sure their network infrastructure can support new and emerging technologies.

Why CDW for Digital Transformation?

Our years of experience, knowledge and partnerships with leading technology providers can help you implement a digital transformation solution that streamlines your supply chain and increases sales and customer satisfaction.

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