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Intel for Education

Empowering the Next Generation of Innovators

Intel Skills for Innovation (Intel® SFI)

Intel® SFI empowers educators to create innovative, technology-infused learning experiences that prepare students for the workforce of the future. 

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Intel devices, orchestrated by CDW, offer teachers, students and school administrators the right device for now – and the future.

Learn How Intel is Helping Build Resilient Education Systems

Intel-based devices enable student-centered success and empower educators to adapt to current and future needs. 

Device Recomendations

Reference Intel's performance infographic to choose the right devices for your students, teachers and school administrators. 

Esports for Education

Learn about the growing opportunity for esports in education – and how esports programs benefit student outcomes.  

Chromebooks for Hybrid Learning

See how Intel Chromebooks power hybrid and remote learning experiences for teachers and students. 

Intel Devices for Education

Explore all of Intel's top devices for teaching and learning.

Chromebooks Powered by Intel

  • Longer battery life
  • More mobility for learners
  • Simple managability for IT

Windows PCs Powered by Intel

  • Built-in hardware security
  • Easy access to Teams and other learning apps
  • Enhanced accesibility features

Esports Devices for Education

  • Designed for performance
  • Lightning fast speeds for complex tasks
  • Encourages students' strategic thinking

Intel Solutions

Explore the latest Intel offerings and learn how you can supercharge your device with powerful performance and an exceptional user experience.