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Store, access and display information better than ever before, with a simple, cost-effective solution for any use.

Samsung Desktop Monitor and SSDs


Keep Your Business Running from Home

As work increasingly goes remote, Samsung and CDW have compiled the top monitor picks to help you stay productive.

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Specialty Monitors

The time to re-imagine your workspace is now. When the highest quality of work is demanded, your tools must be up to the task. Get help rethinking how work gets done today.


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QHD Monitors

Benefit from new levels of precision while watching your favorite movie or working on your latest project. QHD provides more room for multitasking or taking in beautiful videos and images.

4K Monitors

With 4x the pixels of Full HD, every detail is viewed in enhanced depth, while more screen real estate provides space to view multiple tools, applications and programs during the day – creating a 4K cinematic content viewing experience night and day.

USB-C Monitors

Work freely and without the hassle of docking stations and extra dongles. Connect any Samsung curved monitor with USB-C and display your information — business, gaming or otherwise — for a more immersive viewing experience.

Samsung 870 QVO and 870 EVO Series

Extending Samsung's pioneering SSD technology, the 870 EVO & 870 QVO boast improved performance, reliability and compatibility for content creators, IT professionals and everyday PC users.


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