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Take Control of Your Cybersecurity Strategy with Security Maturity Assessment Services

When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s no longer enough to rely solely on security tools and software to protect your business’s proprietary data and prevent breaches. Instead, you need to think holistically about your organization’s cybersecurity strategy to have insight into a 360-degree view of your vulnerabilities and address them. Look to CDW’s Security Maturity Assessment to understand your current cybersecurity environment and provide a best-practice approach to establishing a cybersecurity strategy based on industry-standard frameworks.

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What is a Security Maturity Assessment?

A cybersecurity maturity assessment can help you understand your current cybersecurity environment and provide a roadmap for remediation based on industry-standard cybersecurity frameworks. CDW’s Security Maturity Assessment Services can educate and empower you to understand your cybersecurity landscape and how it aligns to common cybersecurity frameworks. Our Security Maturity Assessments primarily focus on the CIS cybersecurity framework. If your business requires alignment to other cybersecurity frameworks, such as NIST, CDW can customize the assessment to meet your needs. As a result of the assessment, your business will receive a comprehensive action plan to build out your cybersecurity program.

A typical CDW Security Maturity Assessment involves an interview-based analysis of your current cybersecurity posture compared against the CIS cybersecurity framework controls. After the assessment, you will receive a prioritized and actionable remediation roadmap and a security framework controls report.

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Next Steps After the Security Maturity Assessment

A cybersecurity maturity assessment is the first step when it comes to establishing a strong cybersecurity strategy for your business. The goal of the security maturity assessment is two-fold: To establish a secure foundation for your company to begin cybersecurity remediation and to outline the most critical priorities to tighten security. Because the security maturity assessment is holistic, it can also provide insight into how your business can use the cybersecurity tools already at your disposal.

Following the security maturity assessment, your organization will need to go through the process of cybersecurity remediation – that is, the journey of closing your cybersecurity gaps. Your organization can decide to remediate any cybersecurity gaps internally within your IT department, or you can choose to partner with CDW to outsource the remediation. CDW offers a range of cybersecurity services that that can ensure you address the action items from your maturity assessment.

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Do you need help cementing and implementing your cybersecurity strategy following a maturity assessment? CDW’s vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) service helps you improve the maturity and scope of your existing security practices by providing a technology-neutral security consultant. Using a three-step process, the security consultant can advise you on your organization’s security strategy and planning initiatives. This year-long assessment allows your vCISO to be your partner all along the way as you engage in cybersecurity remediation.

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Security Remediation Workshop

Leveraging the same team as our vCISO practice, CDW can help you determine the best approach to small or medium-term security projects, or provide an objective second set of eyes on an existing security effort in a flexible approach. 

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