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Enhance Safety with Physical Security Services

Increasingly, the responsibility for upgrading, deploying and managing physical security and video surveillance systems is being handed over to IT. CDW Amplified™ Physical Security deploys, integrates and manages physical security systems that improve safety and security — and helps find opportunities to enhance business operations through advanced analytics.

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Modernize Your Security Systems

Video Surveillance

The use of IP-enabled video cameras powered by analytics provides real-time incident detection and alerting and reduces the time needed to conduct forensics. Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) can also be used to create and analyze metadata to prevent future risks. Modern video surveillance systems can also be used to monitor business processes and employee or customer behavior, allowing you to derive business value from video data.

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Physical Access Control Systems

Modernize your building security by securing points of entry. IP-enabled door access controllers and modern credentials — including cards, mobile apps and biometrics — can be integrated with video surveillance for complete situational awareness. Modern physical access control systems allow you to better defend against threats to people and property and respond more quickly to incidents that do occur.

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Environmental Sensors

Extend situational awareness with environmental sensors that monitor atmospheric conditions, detect audio signatures and use advanced imaging devices like thermal screening, LIDAR and more to immediately uncover dangerous changes in a work environment.

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Physical Security Services

Envisioning Workshop

Start your physical security journey with a facilitated planning session to help build or refine your security strategy and develop a roadmap for transforming your current systems into a modernized physical security architecture — whether it is with traditional on-premises infrastructure, cloud-managed or hybrid architectures.

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Site Assessment and Systems Design

CDW AmplifiedTM Physical Security experts can conduct an onsite survey of a physical site to determine the placement and specification requirements for cameras, controllers, and sensors. From hardware and software recommendations to floor plans that specify new device install locations, we can design a completely new physical security system that fits your needs.

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Software & Analytics Integration

Get the most out of your modernized systems. We install and configure your video analytics software as well as build custom-designed dashboards for data visualization and real-time insights.

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Door Controller Installation

Our experts deploy IP-connected controllers for doors, gates, turnstiles, and more. Plus, install employee credential and biometric readers, door locks, and any low voltage connections and ethernet cabling needed for these systems.

Video Management & Access Control Implementation

Find peace of mind with physical security done right. We install, configure and commission video management system and access control platform software to your exact specifications.

Managed Services

Take the burden off IT teams through our remote monitoring and management of your cameras and devices – across all your IT architectures and physical properties.

Camera & Sensor Deployment

Get expert installation of IP-connected cameras and sensors, conduit, and cabling in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Day 2 Support Services

We offer remote technical support and onsite break/fix services for physical security components and solutions.

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Looking to upgrade your physical security systems?