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CDW Warranty and Maintenance Services help protect your IT investment.

CDW Gives You IT Support on Standby

When you put resources toward new technology, you expect it to last. Most manufacturers offer warranties, but they can be limited in scope and you may have to wait awhile for repairs.

To better meet your needs, we offer expanded and extended warranties on nearly every product we sell. You get options such as speedier response times, accidental breakage coverage and onsite repairs. And with our custom maintenance contracts, you’ll have experts on call and break/fix agreements that cover repair or replacement of your hardware. So you can keep your equipment — and your organization — running. 

Give us a call at 800.800.4239 to learn more about CDW Warranty and Maintenance Services.

See The CDW Claims Portal In Action

Watch a demo of the easy-to-use CDW Product Protection claims portal, administered by Safeware and available 24/7.

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Our Warranty and Maintenance Services

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Call us at 800.800.4239 to learn more about CDW Warranty and Maintenance Services.