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Whether you’re new to AWS or already on your journey, CDW Amplified™ Services for AWS can support you in achieving your business objectives. CDW’s 150+ AWS-certified coworkers can assess your current environment to determine which workloads are appropriate for AWS and help you develop a migration strategy. For those with an existing AWS environment, CDW Managed Services for AWS can help you optimize costs, identify common security gaps, provide granular, actionable monitoring, and proactively remediate issues.

A CDW expert will get in touch to discuss your organization’s business objectives, provide expert guidance, and support you in defining next steps.

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Benefits of AWS


Cost Savings


Staff Productivity


Operational Resilience


Business Agility

Reduction or elimination of infrastructure costs.

Chart Comparing Infrastructure of AWS and Reduction in Overall Spend

“People who come to the conclusion that the cloud is too expensive are doing something wrong”

Larry Carvalho & Matthew Marden, IDC, 2019

Free teams to work on higher value activities.

50% Reduction in Traditional IT task, 10x Projects supported with same size staff

Actual data from AWS customer, Live Nation

Enhanced performance by reducing unplanned outage.

43% reduction in overall incidents, 36.1% reduction in security incidents

Accelerated time to market, new feature deployment.

10x increase in experiments

“When you know you have the ability to quickly deprovision, it makes you bolder to say “yes” and try new things”

Larry Carvalho & Matthew Marden, IDC, 2019

90% plus business user satisfaction
The Benefits of AWS

CDW and the AWS Consulting Private Partner Offer Program

CDW is a leading provider of the AWS CPPO program. Your organization can now get world-class support with the strength of thousands of strong ISV partnerships from CDW, the frictionless software purchasing experience AWS brings to the table, and the pricing and terms you’re used to while you draw down your AWS EDP.

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Cutting Costs

Cutting costs is top of mind for many of us. To support you during these challenging times, CDW is providing no-charge assessment services for:

  • Customers exploring the benefits of migrating from on-premises to AWS.
  • Customers already in AWS who want to right-size their environment and check for common security gaps.

Get quick, actionable results.  You’ll have access to the full functionality of the platforms for the length of the no-charge trial.   Actionable data is available within 48 hours.  When data collection is complete, a CDW AWS Solution Architect will review your results and provide actionable recommendations on next steps.

Cutting Costs with AWS

Optimize Your AWS Savings and Check for Common Security Gaps at No Charge to You

Optimize Your AWS Savings

CDW Managed Services for AWS

  • Security and Capacity Adviser:  Identify common security gaps and provides recommendations for right-sizing compute and storage.
  • Budget Adviser:  Track consumption by business unit, auto-generate reports (i.e., consumption tracking by department, auto-generated reports)
  • Billing Adviser:  Get graphical views of AWS spend.
  • LaunchPad:  Receive AWS and CloudHealth enablement from a CDW AWS Technical Account Manager.
  • Consolidated Billing and Leverage Net Terms:  Receive your AWS invoices from CDW and leverage your CDW net payment terms (approval required).
  • Leverage Your Trusted CDW Team:  You get all of these benefits while working with your usual CDW contacts.
  • No Charge to You:  CDW will provide these services at no charge to you if you switch your AWS billing to CDW.
  • Simple to Switch

A CDW expert will get in touch to discuss your organization’s business objectives, provide expert guidance, and support you in defining next steps.

Switch your AWS account to CDW.

CDW Amplified™ Services for AWS



Looking to build an initial AWS environment for development, testing, or production? Let CDW give you an unfair advantage. The experts at CDW will set you on the right path for your AWS cloud journey, allowing you to leverage the cost savings and competitive advantages AWS can offer.

Service Spotlight: CDW Jumpstart for AWS

Migration and Planning Service (MAPS)

Migrating to any cloud brings its own sets of challenges.  Leverage CDW’s migration experience to help you assess your options, identify appropriate workloads, and develop a detailed plan to advance your migration strategy.

Service Spotlight: AWS MAPS

AWS Workspaces in a Box

Leveraging AWS WorkSpaces, CDW can help enable your team access to the desktop information and resources they need from anywhere on any device (including mobile).

Service Spotlight: CDW AWS WorkSpaces-In-a-Box

CDW Design Amplified Services for AWS

CDW Orchestrate Amplified Services for AWS


A Deeper Dive on AWS Cost Optimization

CDW will review your AWS environment to:

  • Discover business and cost drivers
  • Provide AWS account governance strategies
  • Plan strategies for cost-optimization including cost-conscious design (i.e. serverless, containers, tagging)

Service Spotlight: CDW Cost Management for AWS

Governance Workshop

If you’ve already begun your journey, CDW’s Governance Workshop for AWS can help you align with AWS best practices (e.g., operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost-optimization).  Confirming that you’ve built a solid governance structure will accelerate your AWS adoption, maximize AWS benefits and avoid costly rework in the future.


CDW Managed Services for AWS

Infrastructure-as-a-Service helps your organization reduce the operational burden of managing on-premises data centers and enables your IT department to focus on higher value activities.  You can remove additional operational burdens by allowing CDW to manage your AWS estate.  CDW Managed Services for AWS:  Basic Included is available at no cost to you and identifies common security gaps and provides recommendations for right-sizing compute and storage.  “Basic Included” is a no-cost way to explore the benefits of  CDW Amplified™ Services.  CDW also provides Essential (next generation monitoring) and Premium (proactive remediation) services.

Service Spotlight: CDW Managed Services for AWS 

CDW Manage Amplified Services for AWS
AWS Certified

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