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Amazing happens when access management is simple and secure.

CDW’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions span internal and cloud-based services, enhance the end-user experience, and ensure that only the right people have access to the right assets, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Why CDW for Identity and Access Management Solutions?

Many data breaches involve weak, default or stolen passwords—and capturing credentials is still one of the most common techniques for compromising organizations today. Well-designed IAM programs are a critical barrier against threats like these. IAM solutions are a framework of business processes, policies and technologies that enable secure access to your business resources, regardless of where, when and how those resources are being accessed.

CDW can help you develop mature IAM capabilities to protect your people and data, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce costs in alignment with your desired business outcomes. We help you select and architect a solution that meets your needs today and scales to your needs tomorrow.

CDW Identity and Access Management Solutions

IAM Assessments and Strategy

Our assessments are designed to evaluate IAM maturity against common industry frameworks. We also help with identifying near-term, high-impact projects and devising a long-term strategy for sustainable identity management.

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Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

Give your customers access to all the platforms and applications they require. Improve the user experience and enhance security features with a centrally managed identity for each customer integrated with customer-facing systems.

IAM, IGA and PAM Implementations

Move from legacy IAM technology to modern, cloud-first solutions, driving improved security in complex environments with better user experiences, access controls and governance.

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User Rights and Access Reviews

Maintain compliance and security best practices by regularly reviewing rights and access, ensuring that the right access is granted at the right time to the right users, and removed when it is no longer needed.

Managed Services

Ease the burden on your help desk and improve the end user experience with flexible IAM managed service offerings, from basic issue resolution to full, white-glove managed programs.

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Third Party Access and Lifecycle Management

Third-party access to systems and networks has created a heightened attack surface for insider threats. This can pose significant risk to the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information. With credential theft being one of the leading causes of breaches, how do you promote necessary collaboration with third parties while safeguarding sensitive data and critical systems?

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