Modernize Applications and Streamline Delivery Through DevOps

How DevOps Is Revolutionizing IT

Across industries, IT shops are adopting DevOps methodologies to improve app quality, decrease time to deployment and optimize organizational efficiency. But DevOps requires more than just new tools and processes. A successful initiative will emphasize not only the tools and skills needed to implement DevOps but also the culture change that necessarily comes with the upending of traditional development practices

Learn how an agile approach to software development and operations can drive innovation and speed up the delivery of new capabilities.

We Get DevOps Processes Support Organizational Success

Modern organizations are pressed to deliver organizational outcomes more quickly and positively impact the end user experience. CDW understands how solutions that support a DevOps approach can help organizations achieve these goals. 

Automated Infrastructure

Rapidly adopt the latest innovations around Infrastructure as Code, RPA, security and more to increase speed, improve your time to market, and elevate the stability and performance of your entire digital stack.


Build a cloud-native strategy that improves speed, reduces costs and simplifies management, in addition to helping you get the maximum value out of your cloud investment. 

Software Development

Services that let you focus on business outcomes like removing technical debt, or removing barriers around Application Modernization, by refactoring or re-platforming your applications. 

Data Ops and AI/ML

Understand underlying insights for actionable AI/ML and create new data pipelines to support evolving business requirements, in addition to gaining paths for data modernization and DataOps best practices.


We Get DevOps

CDW can enhance your organizational processes by optimizing tools and infrastructure across departments and disciplines.

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