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A faulty server, a dropped laptop — it’s inevitable that some IT equipment will fail or break. And that moment is the worst time to discover the limits of a manufacturer’s warranty. Our extended warranties and maintenance contracts give you peace of mind and protection when you need it most.

Preventing downtime and expensive repairs

Standard warranties may expire quickly, only cover specific components or require off-site repairs that keep your hardware off the job for weeks on end. In short, a simple failure or breakage could mean extended downtime and out-of-pocket expenses that can cause lasting damage to your business. You can’t afford to be unprepared.

Protect your investment with extended coverage

We offer expanded and extended warranties on nearly every product we sell. These services go above and beyond your manufacturer’s warranty, giving you options such as speedier response times, expanded accidental breakage coverage and onsite repairs that could have your equipment back online in hours — not weeks.

Our custom maintenance contracts give you even more support. With retainer contracts that offer expert advice when you need it and break/fix agreements that cover repair or replacement of in- or out-of-warranty hardware, we can streamline your IT support process into a single point of contact.

Rest easy with worry-free support

Repairs That Come to You: Instead of waiting days or weeks for depot repair, our onsite services mean faster repairs — no matter if your business has one or hundreds of locations.

The Support You Need, Simplified: With flexible service-level agreement (SLA) options and contracts that cover technology from multiple manufacturers, you’ll only have one number to call when you need assistance.

Continuous Coverage: Our coterminous support option consolidates your existing manufacturer support plans under one end date to eliminate the risk of a coverage lapse.

Explore Our Warranty and Maintenance Services

You depend on your IT equipment to be there for you. That's why we deliver our extended support agreements through a network of more than 200 service partners. Whether you need extended warranties for a new fleet of laptops or custom maintenance contracts for your aging data center, we've got you covered.

Extended Warranties for Laptops, Printers and More


mishaps and mayhem are covered

Many manufacturers only provide one-year warranties on laptops and computers, despite an average product lifecycle of three to five years. Multiyear CDW Product Protection plans give you a 24/7 claims portal for extended warranty coverage on your laptops, tablets, printers, monitors and other end-user technologies. Supported by a nationwide network of technicians, CDW Product Protection goes beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty with 100% parts and labor coverage and no hidden deductibles or fees.

Onsite Service

We provide onsite service on eligible desktops and printers and upgraded laptop plans.

Accidental DamageProtection

We offer optional accidental damage from handling (ADH) plans for laptops and tablets.

Coverage YouCan Trust

CDW Product Protection is powered by Safeware.

Technology Breaks. You Need a Plan.

Learn more about CDW Product Protection

Product Protection Overview (pdf)

Why Product Protection? (pdf)

CDW Product Protection FAQ (pdf)

In addition to CDW Product Protection, we offer expanded protection plans from many of our partners, including HP. Talk to your account manager about which protection plan is right for you, or shop CDW Product Protection now.

Extended Warranties for Data Center Technologies


you can stay confidently connected

Unplanned downtime in your data center can spell disaster. Often, manufacturers' warranties only cover limited parts or a short time span. If your equipment is found to be out of warranty, you could face rates of $150 per hour, plus parts, for repair — on top of the business losses caused by data center downtime. How much can you afford?

Avoid UnplannedExpenses

Our warranties cover the costs
of parts and labor with
no maximum.

Service WhenYou Need It

You can depend on guaranteed response times and priority
parts allocation.

No Warranty?No Problem.

Our out-of-warranty coverage protects you against the high costs of maintaining aging equipment.

The cost of a single service event can exceed the cost of an extended service plan. To protect your investment, we offer hardware maintenance and service plans from partners such as HP alongside a team of CDW specialists focused on data center implementation and support. Reach out to your account manager for more information.

Custom Support Plans


support just got simpler

Keeping track of warranty information on all your IT equipment is a tough job. When your hardware has multiple warranty end dates and service providers, you may find yourself unable to get support when you need it most. We can help you consolidate your warranty expirations and service contracts to simplify warranty tracking and give you a single point of contact for support.

Multiple Manufacturers,
Just One Custom Contract

With our help, you can support hardware from multiple manufacturers under a single custom contract. We offer multiple service-level agreement (SLA) options with varying support levels for different technologies.

Retainer Contracts Give You Support on Standby

Retainer contracts allow you to purchase a designated block of time that guarantees you access to field service and support staff, including systems engineers, network technicians, PC and printer repair technicians, and more.

Maintenance Contracts


you get more from your IT investments

Your IT is the backbone of how you do business, so it's important you get the most out of your equipment. But the cost of maintaining aging technology can quickly add up, and replacement isn’t often in the budget. We can help you simplify your hardware maintenance and give you the extended support you need to keep your tech working for you.

All the Support You Need, Simplified

We offer annual maintenance agreements and contracts that cover the repair or replacement of in- or out-of-warranty equipment. These agreements allow you to blend products from multiple manufacturers into a single contract — giving you a single toll-free support number for all vendors, products and service levels.

Consolidate with Coterminous Support

With coterminous support, you can roll your existing manufacturer support plans into one with a common end date to eliminate the risk of a coverage lapse. Plus, you’ll be able to budget your complete annual costs while accommodating changes on the fly.

the cdw approach

At CDW, we help you maximize the return on your IT investments by supporting the full lifecycle of your important IT initiatives, from assessment and design to deployment and ongoing management.





Our warranty and maintenance team helps you manage your entire fleet of IT equipment, streamlining hardware maintenance and consolidating your extended warranties and maintenance contracts to simplify the support process.

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