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How Can Aging IT Infrastructure Put Your Agency at Risk?

Update Your Data Center to Prevent Escalating Problems.

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Outdated IT infrastructure can create security vulnerabilities, drain resources and limit innovation and efficiency. Use this checklist to develop an IT modernization strategy that prepares your agency to reduce risk and optimize performance and agility.

Modernizing Your IT Environment? Keep These Key Considerations in Mind.

What are our goals and business drivers for IT modernization?

Do we need to innovate in order to stay competitive? How can we standardize, simplify, consolidate, and automate to maximize limited resources? Are we trying to better support the ever-changing market and consumer needs? Do we need to mitigate threats to our data? How can we improve experiences for our citizens?

Have we identified mission-critical applications?

Do we have a clear understanding of the current needs and future needs of the applications? Do we have a clear understanding of how they interact with other apps? Can they be delivered more efficiently? What are the benefits of refactoring, rehosting, replatforming or retiring them? Where should workloads be placed: public cloud or on-prem? Do we have a backup and recovery plan in place for these applications that meets our organizational needs?

Can hardware upgrades improve our agency’s IT performance?

Can faster chips or newer switches help eliminate data bottlenecks without rearchitecting systems? Is there a more strategic way to manage IT equipment lifecycles?

How willing are we to expand into – or beyond – the public cloud?

Are we eager for greater scalability and flexibility but concerned about data security? Which private cloud or hybrid solutions would be easiest to start with? Have we identified public cloud services that align to the needs of our organization?

What’s going to be the best fit for our project: a CapEx or OpEx model?

What challenges does our current budgeting process present? What steps can we take to adjust accounting and approval procedures to accommodate monthly subscription services billing?

Do we have the talent and staff to meet our modernization needs?

What resources do we need to have in place to meet our goals? How do we supplement our team for needs that may fall outside our purview?

IT modernization reduces risk and expands opportunities. We’ll show you how. Contact your account manager, or give us a call.


As you continue on your IT modernization journey, review our roadmap to understand how to plan, build and capitalize on an agile infrastructure.