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In today’s rapidly changing and technology-focused landscape, exceptional healthcare does not depend on clinicians alone. Healthcare organizations need functional, dependable technology to meet patient care needs and optimize processes. From the rapidly expanding world of virtual care and clinical mobility, to patient data security and streamlined vaccine distribution, technology is essential to providing the best care while enhancing experiences.

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Foundations of Care

CDW Healthcare understands the importance of a well-tuned, secure and scalable infrastructure on which to build a foundation for all other care technology capabilities that support a healthcare organization. Our healthcare technology Foundations of Care includes strategy and solutions around digital infrastructure, data center, IT operations and security.

Data Center Strategy

Digital transformation initiatives. Growing data volumes. The need for fast recovery. There is no shortage of issues pulling healthcare data centers and decision-making in different directions. CDW can help optimize investments to meet the growing demands of healthcare operations, applications, and workforce. Modernizing the data center and network will allow IT organizations to gain efficiencies and enable innovation.

IT Operations

CDW’s technical services and solutions support the planning, implementation, management and ongoing optimization for healthcare organizations across all clinical touchpoints within the patient journey. Our goal is to help organizations securely leverage technology to drive innovation, increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes.


Protecting patients, networks, devices and patient data is top of mind for every provider. That’s why CDW Healthcare arms organizations with what they need to mitigate security risks, increase visibility into network vulnerabilities, and better prepare for the evolving threat landscape.

Our Foundation Partners

Optimizing Care

With the foundation solid and secure, the focus can shift to improving the people, processes and technologies that can help optimize care. Our healthcare technical experts help you make the most of the technology assets you have today while modernizing and right-sizing for cost savings wherever appropriate, with a focus on data and analytics and application optimization.

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Workflow Optimization

Achieving point of care excellence begins with implementation and optimization of electronic health records, unified communication and collaboration, enterprise resource planning and IT service management. Maximizing the performance of healthcare technology investments requires integrating platform solutions with professional and managed services.

Data & Analytics

The ability of healthcare organizations to use data to derive insights and drive patient value is more critical than ever. CDW Healthcare can help organizations orchestrate an open, scalable platform for data management, data sharing, applications, and advanced analytics to leverage disparate data across the continuum of care.

Connected Care

Connected or Virtual Care complements the traditional healthcare ecosystem by integrating electronic health records, telemedicine, wearable devices, data analytics and artificial intelligence. By providing clinicians, administrators and patients with next-level IT solutions, CDW enhances decision-making with remote-monitoring, and expands medical services to benefit underserved populations.

Our Optimization Partners

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Future of Care

CDW has differentiated itself among competitors by forming CDW Healthcare, a dedicated practice and team of seasoned healthcare leaders driven to improve healthcare through leveraging technology. We don’t just help strengthen the foundation and optimize technologies to support care in the present; we design solutions for the future that focus on creating organizational efficiencies, improving care outcomes and the satisfaction of clinicians and patients.

Patient Room ‘Next’

Patient Room ‘Next’ refers to CDW’s integrated solution that redefines care models and processes to evolve traditional in-patient rooms, exam areas, operating rooms, intensive care units, ambulatory care centers, at-home healthcare solutions and local clinics. This gives providers real-time insights from data and automated documentation.

Our Virtual Healthcare Partners

Post-Acute & Senior Care

As the U.S. population ages and the industry faces clinician shortages, technology is playing a more critical role than ever. Whether you’re an independent, assisted living or skilled nursing facility, or other senior care provider, your challenges are similar. You need to ensure that your patient, resident and staff experiences are unparalleled. You must control costs to improve the bottom line. And protection of people, data and resources is paramount.

We understand your need to achieve these business outcomes – and we get how the right technology can help make life simpler, less stressful and safer.

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CDW Healthcare Transformation Centers

These collaborative spaces allow customers to explore new technologies, test out new solutions and develop customized strategies to meet their business needs. These centers are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by knowledgeable professionals. Each space is flexible and adaptable to accommodate a wide range of needs, whether a customer is looking to deploy a new product, optimize their supply chain or improve patient and clinician engagement.

Memorial Care Technology and Training Healthcare Innovation Center

Memorial Care Innovation Center

Intermountain Health Healthcare Innovation Center

Intermountain Health

Honor Health Transformation Lab Healthcare Innovation Center

Honor Health

St. Luke’s Health System

St. Luke’s Health System

CDW Knows Healthcare IT

Here’s how CDW can give you the best care across the continuum from the Clinical to Virtual Care.

We have over 300 Dedicated Healthcare Professionals.

We manage 4 Dedicated Healthcare Transformation Centers.

CDW Healthcare has 150+ technical resources, including inside solution architects, field solution architects and a full infosec team.

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CDW is a trusted technology provider to more than 6,500 healthcare organizations, including:

  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Post-Acute and senior care
  • Large physician groups
  • Home health organizations
  • Rural and independent community hospitals
  • Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)

Healthcare Contracted Suppliers

We have the size and scale to participate in major GPO contracts, including:

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Connect with a CDW•G Account Manager to enhance technology implementation within your organization.

Connect with a CDW•G Account Manager to enhance technology implementation within your organization.


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