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Realizing the Power of Virtual Care

There are compelling reasons for healthcare technology leaders to refine the IT infrastructure that supports virtual care, not in the least because it is poised to become highly competitive due to its effectiveness and efficiency for the provider and convenience for the patient. Providers that can deliver a high-quality digital experience will position themselves as front-runners for both consumers and caregiver talent.

Learn how healthcare organizations could potentially see major gains from the expansion of virtual care.

We Get Virtual Care Must Support Today’s Patients

CDW Healthcare provides an end-to-end platform to replace, refine and expand your virtual care technology. Our Virtual Care Workshop identifies your current challenges and desired outcomes. We then build a roadmap to ensure your platform is comprehensive and HIPAA-compliant. CDW Healthcare offers an array of virtual care solutions to meet your needs, including:


Facilitates secure, seamless and synchronous audio and video communication and collaboration between clinicians and patients to manage care in a virtual setting.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Allows patients to measure and securely transmit vital data to their provider to ensure they’re managing their health in accordance with their care plan. Clinicians can make timely adjustments as needed.

Virtual Rounding,
Telesitting and eICU

Contactless technologies for seamless workflows and safe patient monitoring in hospital rooms and isolated settings.  Minimizes infection and accelerates intervention for better patient outcomes.

Disruptive Technology

We partner with tech developers for innovative solutions that promote the future of care and improve the patient experience, from the digital front door to the hospital in the home. 


We Get Healthcare Technology

CDW can work with your healthcare organization to improve data center resilience and operational efficiency while containing cost.

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