Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility industries are growing and expanding. New technologies drive efficient and impactful decisions, and customers are expecting a more connected energy experience than ever before.

Infrastructures dating back almost 100 years make adopting new technologies difficult – if not impossible – without modernization. Learn more about today’s energy and utility organizational challenges.

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Grid Modernization

With grids around 75-100 years old, grid modernization is as monumental an undertaking as it is a requirement for modern technology deployment. There is no way to activate modern technology without first bringing those near-century old infrastructures to a contemporary state.

The benefits of modernization and modern tech, however, are significant. Increased efficiency, green initiatives, and enhanced energy storage are just some of the highlights that can be gained.

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Customer Experience

Your customers are raising their expectations for utility companies.

As many start to take a more active role in their energy experience – from taking on green initiatives to employing smart devices to better monitor and utilize their energy – utility companies must be prepared to meet and keep pace with their evolving customers. 

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Utilities are one of the top industries for data generation, and the result is massive amounts of information to sieve through.

When leveraged, data can empower utility organizations to make better regulatory decisions, create more impactful marketing and communication materials, meaningfully engage with customers and efficiently take on maintenance projects.

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Oil and Gas

High pressure wire tower at sunset at dusk

Modernization of Legacy Infrastructure

Oil and gas modernization initiatives have a very specific set of challenges and opportunities. If an oil company wants to modernize a rig, they could use data sensors to tell them how much they should be drilling down rather than spending hours, days or even weeks drilling manually.

But old infrastructures and remote locations (such as the ocean) can make meaningful physical updates a barrier. Through the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital modernization, these barriers can be reduced, creating new opportunities and more productivity with less downtime for oil and gas companies.


High pressure wire tower at sunset at dusk

Mobile Innovation

In the gas and oil industry, new technology such as mobile applications has empowered the workforce to become more efficient by identifying and solving problems faster. Mobile apps have proven track records that help justify their usage by field workers, enabling them to record data faster, access work orders and calendars on-the-go, search databases for inventory lists and reference materials, capture data and photos of equipment or drilling sites, and then eliminate the need to re-enter the data once they’ve returned from the field.

High pressure wire tower at sunset at dusk

Digitization, IoT and Data

Interconnected devices enable the ability to collect vast amounts of data. For customers, these devices range from Nests to online applications. For companies, this could be RFIDs and sensors to monitor the infrastructure for data and maintenance needs. This keeps your operations efficient and informed, so you know what your infrastructures need without sending people back and forth to collect information.

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SCADA Security

As you adopt more technology into your SCADA systems you become more exposed to potential cyberattacks. Though the original design assumption was that every device was friendly, that is no longer the case. From interconnected IT systems and IoT devices to mobile devices and cloud computing and storage, there is a range of different threats you must plan for before something happens. 

There is a multitude of digital security options you can use to protect your systems, including:

  • Firewalls
  • Gateway antivirus solutions
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Multifactor authentication
  • And more

But knowing these protection tools is only the start. Learn how to meaningfully build a comprehensive digital security strategy to keep your SCADA systems secure for present and future threats.

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