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Data and Application Security

Are you prepared to protect your data in a changing security landscape? With cyberattacks growing in volume and complexity, and data and apps accessible from anywhere, it’s time to adopt a Zero Trust philosophy.

CDW can help you address your data protection needs.

CDW Data Security Solutions

Application Security

Assess and improve the security of off-the-shelf and custom applications with expert testing, patch management programs, and application architecture reviews from CDW’s security engineers.

Security Intelligence and Analytics

Make data-driven decisions about security risks, investments and initiatives based on expertly designed security intelligence programs and analytics dashboards.

DLP Strategy and Roadmaps

Lower the risk of sensitive data loss through remediation efforts and enforcement with DLP solutions that identify, monitor and protect data in use, data in motion, and data at rest.

Data Protection Programs

Gain insight into the current state of your data protection capabilities and facilitate the implementation of policies, processes and technologies to secure sensitive data and critical assets.


Secure your application lifecycle by applying comprehensive security measures at every step – from initial planning to deployment.

Managed Services

Trust your data security to the experts with managed security services led by CDW professionals.


Adopting a Zero Trust Approach to Securing Data

In this white paper, CDW security experts discuss how a zero-trust architecture can help organizations protect their data against cyberthreats by removing implicit trust. This guide includes actionable steps in preparing for zero-trust initiatives and evaluating your current data protection program.

Whether you need the latest technology, expert advice, or a strategic partner, CDW has the security solutions for you:

arrow Threat and Vulnerability

Strengthen your defenses with technical assessments, remediation and response services that measure the strength of your networks, applications and endpoints.

arrow Secure Infrastructure

Secure your entire infrastructure – whether in the cloud, on prem, or hybrid – so your organization can scale with technology change without fear of disruption.

arrow IAM

Transform your IAM programs to meet evolving organizational and security needs, and achieve key outcomes by improving IAM maturity.

arrow Program Strategy and Ops

Assess your security environment, determine the best strategy for moving forward and improve your organization’s governance and compliance posture.

arrow Cloud Security

Close vulnerabilities and implement the right protocols, regardless of whether you’re operating in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

arrow Skills and Training

Equip your team with the skills and training needed to manage threats and leverage the latest technologies, while also improving employee retention and job satisfaction.

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What is Data Security?

Data Security is the set of processes, tools, and hardware that protect your data throughout its lifecycle – and getting it right is more critical than ever. Your business depends on giving people access to the data they need, when they need it, from anywhere and any device.  While these dynamics have enhanced the ability to communicate and collaborate, they have also introduced new means through which adversaries can penetrate systems and siphon valuable information. CDW helps protect organizations from evolving threats and comply with regulatory requirements by shifting the focus from trying to secure everything to protecting what matters most—sensitive data, no matter where it is stored, used or transmitted. CDW offers world-class technology solutions, expert implementation and advisory services and top-ranked managed services to help organizations focus on what’s most valuable.

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