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IT Infrastructure Security Solutions

The perimeter has dissolved: people are able to connect to corporate networks wherever, whenever and however they choose. Organizations must adapt to this reality to secure their business and protect their customers. Addressing the threats presented by mobile devices, cloud services and the Internet of Things (IoT) is a critical challenge.

Regardless of whether your organization relies on cloud-based security, on-premises security, or a hybrid model, CDW can help you secure your entire infrastructure.

CDW Secure Network Infrastructure Solutions

IoT Device Assessments

Gain visibility into and control over the IoT devices on your network to improve your organization’s ability to respond to issues and threats.

Security Architecture and Design

Evaluate your business goals and your technology landscape to develop a strategy and design an architecture that meets your unique needs.

Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFWs)

Assess, build, migrate, and consolidate next-gen firewalls with the help of certified and field-trained CDW engineers, specializing in top firewall solutions like Fortinet and Prisma Access.

Intrusion Detection and Protection (IDS/IPS)

Identify and mitigate both known and unknown (zero-day) attacks with IDS/IPS to inspect traffic that has passed through front-line devices such as firewalls and to identify anomalous behavior.

Endpoint Protection

Design and deploy leading endpoint protection solutions, like CrowdStrike Falcon, and build a roadmap for adoption and integration with help from CDW security experts.

Physical Security

Protect your people, property, and premises by deploying and integrating video surveillance, access control and environmental sensor systems with services and solutions from CDW.


Consolidating Cost for a Rural Healthcare Provider

The customer’s digital environment was a mix of Checkpoint and Palo Alto Networks products. The combination of the two environments meant that the customer was paying for support across both product lines, straining their budget. CDW created a five-year refresh plan to replace Checkpoint firewalls with new Palo Alto next-gen firewalls at each location across the country. Ultimately, the customer was able to achieve significant cost-savings while also improving security, agility and efficiency.

Whether you need the latest technology, expert advice, or a strategic partner, CDW has the security solutions for you.

arrow Threat and Vulnerability

Strengthen your defenses with technical assessments, remediation and response services that measure the strength of your networks, applications and endpoints.

arrow Data and Application

Secure your applications and protect your data, wherever it resides.

arrow IAM

Transform your IAM programs to meet evolving organizational and security needs, and achieve key outcomes by improving IAM maturity.

arrow Program Strategy and Ops

Assess your security environment, determine the best strategy for moving forward and improve your organization’s governance and compliance posture.

arrow Cloud Security

Close vulnerabilities and implement the right protocols, regardless of whether you’re operating in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

arrow Skills and Training

Equip your team with the skills and training needed to manage threats and leverage the latest technologies, while also improving employee retention and job satisfaction.

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What is Infrastructure Security?

The rate of change not only in threats but also in tools along with the heightened demands of users are pushing organizations to make changes at an alarming pace. Secure infrastructure solutions are the key to protecting data and minimizing incident damage. Secure infrastructure solutions provide a deep understanding of organizational risks and vulnerabilities, as well as current threats and the most effective policies, processes and technologies to address them. CDW helps organizations with all aspects of core infrastructure security using agile architecture and a modern approach at the perimeter. Our recommendations are based on real-world experience and expertise gained in the field.

To secure your organization against cyberthreats and enable business growth without fear of disruption, explore CDW’s cybersecurity solutions catalog.