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Make seamless transactions happen.

From banking institutions, to capital market firms, we'll help upgrade your security framework, break down data silos and improve the customer experience.

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Dedicated CDW Financial Services Account Managers

Machine Learning in Finance: Harness Big Data with AI

Turn big data into smart data that creates business value. We'll help you use artificial intelligence, machine learning and powerful analytics systems to break down data silos and innovate through digital transformation.

AI for High-Performance Computing

AI can combine deep thinking and machine learning with powerful supercomputing to help automate complex tasks and decision-making processes for every segment of the industry.

AI for Fraud Detection

Monitoring millions of financial transactions for fraudulent behavior is no easy task. Learn how AI technology can help your firm harness data, machine learning and supercomputing to curb fraud.

Stay on the Cutting Edge of AI

Our professional and consulting services help you build your analytics capabilities. We combine technology from AI leaders like IBM and Hitachi with full-scale services to get machine learning up and running.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Complicated regulations, strict compliance requirements and evolving cyberthreats create significant risk for banks, credit unions, capital markets and insurance firms.  We’ll help you create a security and data analytics strategy that safeguards customer privacy, data and your IT infrastructure, as well as meets regulatory standards. Learn how CDW helped one financial institution improve their security posture and user experience.

Article: Balancing Access and Security in Financial Services

Financial Services Technology Solutions for Risk Management
Financial Services Technology Solutions for Better Omnichannel Customer Experience

Create a Better Omnichannel Customer Experience

Improving contact center capabilities can empower your organization and build long-term trust and customer loyalty. We help you lay the foundation for impactful customer experiences, with IT solutions that can simplify complex processes so you can look after your customers.

Article: 3 Ways a Contact Center Boosts Customer Experience

IT Support for Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are complex processes that impact business process, people and technology. We'll support your organization through every phase of the M&A journey, from bigger-picture consulting to software asset management.

Financial Services Technology Solutions for IT Support for Mergers and Acquisitions

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