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Development of the real-time health system is a multifaceted, overarching objective, and it is driving many of the decisions and investments healthcare organizations make. Clinical mobility, including the communication and collaboration on which patient care depends, is intrinsic to real-time care delivery. Clinical communication and collaboration (CC&C) solutions enable clinicians to access the information and the colleagues they need, quickly and easily, while improving the patient experience. 

Learn how to select the right CC&C solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical mobility workflows. 

We Get Clinical Mobility and Collaboration Requires a Cohesive Strategy

Clinical care has evolved with the explosive adoption of mobile devices, healthcare apps and telehealth.  Multiple technologies require a strong foundation and unified approach to advance anytime, anywhere connection and communication between clinicians, ancillary staff and patients.

Mobile Devices

Portable, lightweight devices (i.e., smartphones, tablets, laptops), accessories, charging solutions and apps support seamless clinician productivity and workflow efficiency.

Lifecyle Management

Make a proactive plan to manage and refresh the device lifecycle. Includes selecting, sourcing, kitting and configuration, mobile device management (MDM) and Device as a Service (DaaS). 


Communication technologies (i.e., dynamic directories, role-based calling and messaging, etc.) that complement and integrate with core EHR capabilities leverage your investment.


Assessments, endpoint protection, encryption, web security, single sign-on, multifactor authentication and more protect devices, assets and data from cyberthreats and noncompliance.


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For healthcare institutions to succeed, you need functional, dependable technology to meet patients’ needs for care and keep processes running smoothly. 

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