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Create a Safe and Smart School with Digital Transformation and IoT

Smart classroom technologies are proven to enhance student learning and create better educational opportunities.

CDW can help orchestrate a digital transformation strategy that helps educators more effectively engage students, bolster campus security and reduce campus operating costs.

Transform your campus and change how your students learn.

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Digital Transformation Enables Safe and Smart Learning

With the help of Internet of Things (IoT) applications and emerging technologies, educators can accelerate performance in the classroom and impact students in and out of school.

Ensure student safety, wherever they are.

Enhanced video surveillance solutions combined with smart sensors, real-time analytics and automated emergency alerting help keep students safe on campus, while real-time location tracking and vehicle diagnostics on school-owned transportation can identify risky driver behavior like speeding and prevent breakdowns. 

Improve educational outcomes.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics help teachers pinpoint exactly where students struggle. Taking personalized education plans into a connected classroom outfitted with immersive technologies like virtual reality and real-time collaboration tools enables students to grasp concepts faster and own their learning like never before. 

Reduce operational expenses.

IoT technologies in education can do everything from identify fuel waste in transportation to optimize heating and cooling costs in your campus buildings, helping you shift your budget to where it matters most: your students.

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Digital Transformation and IoT Trends in Education

Analytics Lower Rates of Disciplinary Action in K-12

By enabling teachers to track positive and disruptive student behavior, data analytics programs can create student profiles that lead to individualized instruction that reduces misbehavior.

The Building Blocks of Successful Technology Integration

The benefits of a smart classroom are endless, but teachers also need to be prepared to take advantage of the new digital learning tools at their disposal.

Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Today’s higher education students demand a seamless, technology-enabled learning experience in and out of the classroom, and campuses must capitalize on IoT technologies like data analytics and AI to provide students the personalized education they expect.

Why CDW for Digital Transformation?

Our years of experience, knowledge and partnerships with leading technology providers can help you implement a digital transformation solution that keeps your campus safer, more efficient and more rewarding for students.

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