Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things Create Connected Cities

Utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) in government can increase city revenue, streamline utility efficiency and optimize urban planning.

CDW can orchestrate a digital transformation strategy that helps municipalities leverage all the new data that IoT provides to more effectively engage citizens, bolster resident safety and reduce operating costs for state and local governments.

CDW digital transformation services build connected cities that change the lives of citizens. 

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Digital Transformation in the Public Sector

An IoT-connected city eases burdens on city managers and helps local governments increase the standard of living in their cities.

Ensure public safety. 

From connected street lighting that offers enhanced visibility for drivers and pedestrians to gunshot detection and IoT surveillance systems that create improved response time for first responders, smart city technology gives governments an opportunity to keep their citizens safer while decreasing the strain on resources.

Attract, retain and serve citizens. 

Smart cities can use data analytics to greatly improve the lives of their citizens. Smart sensors can analyze traffic patterns to minimize congestion and air pollution. Artificial intelligence can optimize public transportation routes and city planning. By employing big data in the public sector, cities can make commuting easy and attract businesses and talent to their work force.    

Reduce operational expenses. 

Smart city IoT allows cities to transform city infrastructure into business insights. Upgraded water meters can help local governments monitor their water usage and even pinpoint leaks before the costs add up. Edge computing makes it easy to optimize heat and electricity in public buildings, and increased operational efficiencies across city energy systems allow personnel to use time more wisely.    

Featured CDW Digital Transformation Solution for State & Local Governments

Smart Connected Street Lighting    

LED luminaires combined with smart lighting controls operating over low-power, long-range wireless networks can give city managers real-time control over outdoor lighting in public areas. This increases public safety and creates cost savings in a city’s electric bill, and can create an infrastructure to support other IoT sensors and applications.

Internet of Things Trends for Smart Cities

Practical Smart City Technologies for Cities of All Sizes

See how Opelika, Alabama, Coral Gables, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada have all successfully implemented smart city solutions that utilize data to solve their cities' most pressing problems and better the lives of citizens.

How Smart Cities Can Defend Themselves from Cyberattacks

Smart city IoT opens up opportunity for municipalities, but it also opens up new opportunities for cyberattacks. Learn how the right cybersecurity strategy can protect your emerging tech from new threats.    

Five Smart City IoT Use Cases to Keep in Mind

Not sure what digital transformation in government can look like? See how digital government technologies can help streamline efficiencies in public transportation, utilities, municipal service management and more.    

Why CDW for Digital Transformation?

Our years of experience, knowledge and partnerships with leading technology providers can help you implement a digital transformation solution that streamlines city operations and creates a more attractive place for citizens to live.

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