Enhance Public Safety Through Digital Transformation

The Power of the Next-Generation Work Center

State and local governments can elevate decision-making through the collection and analysis of diverse data streams. 


Learn how advanced data analytics can keep your municipality safer.


CDW•G understands that real-time data and analysis help speed the response of first responders . That’s why we build next-generation work centers that enhance situational awareness, correlate data, provide decision support and promote collaboration. 

Checklist: Do You Have the Data You Need to Quickly Protect Citizens?

Roadmap: Planning for the Next-Generation Work Center

Data-Gathering Technologies

Develop situational awareness by capturing critical data from sensors and alarms and other sources.

Data Analytics

Create an accurate, comprehensive common operational picture (COP) with core applications that analyze, correlate and integrate data.

Display Technologies

Support collaboration and rapid decision-making with video wall systems, video management software and other display solutions.

Data Center Infrastructure

Servers, storage, network and security technologies form the robust framework that enables you to generate real-time data insights and act on them quickly.


We Get Public Safety

From prioritizing cybersecurity and public safety to modernizing data infrastructures and future-proofing technologies, finding the right state and local IT solutions can be daunting.

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