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Active learning environments and smart campuses are  helping connect teachers with students, and making safe, meaningful learning possible – anytime, anywhere.

Why CDW?

Our Experience

30+ years has made us a trusted technology partner to 90% of all higher education institutions nationwide.

Our Partnerships

We work hand in hand with the world’s largest leading IT innovators, with access to 1000+ brands and 100,000+ products.


We have experts for every process. Dedicated managed services technical experts. But also a team of education strategists and ambassadors to connect you with.

How CDW Helps You Achieve Your Higher Education Technology Goals

Access Higher Education Technology Goals


Our experts conduct a range of assessments to learn more about your school’s current challenges and needs. We then create roadmaps from those assessments, to help you plan a concrete strategy for growth.

Achieve Higher Education Technology Goals


We find educational solutions that don’t just meet your needs but scale and grow with your institution. Our breadth of tools and years of experience allow us to find and create new digital opportunities that improve the online experience for both staff and students.

Deploy Higher Education Technology Goals


CDW helps you optimize your business processes through integration of our services. Our experts configure and deploy solutions to help you implement the right technology and ensure it works from day one.

Manage Higher Education Technology Goals


With our 24/7/365 support and technology management, CDW can help you save time and money. We free up the bandwidth of your internal IT team so they can focus on more strategic goals.


Redefining Data Protection in Higher Education

One of the biggest threats facing higher education today is protecting student data. Important, private information now lives in cloud-based data centers, making it vulnerable to attack and theft. In order to keep students safe, you need to be able to monitor both on-premises and cloud-based storage facilities. Our data protection solutions and services are tailored specifically to higher education institutions. We help you stay ahead of network vulnerabilities and make rapid, reliable data recovery possible even in the event of a breach.



a ransomware attack is predicted to occur by 20311.

Source: Cyber Security Ventures Report 2023

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CDW can help you implement best practices to meet your evolving education needs.

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CDW can help you implement best practices to meet your evolving education needs.