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Is your institution looking for powerful new technologies to create more agile, versatile, and effective learning environments in the classroom? As schools embrace technology to empower a modern learning model, computers are now an essential tool for teaching and learning. CDW's Education Services not only helps schools create a productive environment to support both classrooms and remote learning, but can also support your institution from a network, training, security, and cost-optimization perspective. 

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Google for Education Migration

Security is one of the most pressing challenges academic institutions face on a regular basis. While technical staff work hard to implement solutions to keep cybercriminals from accessing storage drives of sensitive data and personal information, vulnerabilities can also be found in users’ inboxes. Protect your administrators, educators, and students from phishing attacks by moving from your current email platform and local file system to Gmail with a Google for Education Migration. Conducted by our Google IT specialists, a Google for Education Migration provides your institution with a seamless transition from your existing email and file system to Google Workspace for Education with minimal impact on communication, collaboration, and productivity. It also ensures that your technical staff are armed with the knowledge and information necessary to manage the new platform safely and securely.

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Little SIS Premium

Automate student rostering and enrollment processes with Little SIS Premium. Integrating student information systems (SIS) with Google Classroom empowers teachers with greater control over class management and equips your technical staff with deeper insights into Google Classroom activity.

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Google for Education Audit

Across North America, thousands of school districts just like yours are on a similar Google for Education journey. As Google’s premier technical consultancy, support your administrators, teachers, and students with A Google for Education Audit by CDW. A Google for Education Audit provides an in-depth review of your Google domain by industry experts against EDU best practices. All services and settings are analyzed; any that are not set up to EDU best practices are documented and recommendations are given on how to implement them for your school. Our industry-leading experts will ensure you have a solid foundation to upon with a Google for Education Audit.

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Google for Education Chrome Checkup

With the rapid adoption of education technology through 1:1 models, classroom carts, or computer labs, your technical staff are configuring and monitoring larger fleets of Chrome devices than ever before. As they are utilized throughout the academic year, these devices will experience a fair number of updates and degradation that if neglected can leave them vulnerable to metric errors, security breaches, and operational issues. You can mitigate these impending tech tickets with a Google for Education Chrome Checkup. It is an infrastructural analysis that assesses your institution’s Google Admin console Chrome settings and data to provide recommendations that enhances the way your technical staff manages devices.

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Google for Education Support

Amplified Support for Google for Education partners IT teams with Google IT specialists who provide support, recommend solutions, and enable collaboration for the effective maintenance and management of their institution’s Google Workspace for Education domain and Chrome OS.

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Google for Education KickStart

Learn the basics of getting started in the classroom with the Google for Education KickStart package, a tailored configuration of your institution’s Google Admin console by a Google IT Specialist to ensure settings, structure, permissions, and policies support and continue to support your strategic goals for technical, administrative, and academic success. It also ensures that your domain is set up with EDU best practices from day one.

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