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Easy-To-Use Teaching and Learning Tools for the Modern Classroom

Google Workspace for Education is an intuitive, reliable, and secure cloud-based portfolio of digital tools tailored for academic institutions to streamline instruction, ensure the security and compliance of data and information, and make learning possible from anywhere. With Google Workspace for Education, your whole school community can save time by organizing, sharing, and grading all in one place.

Technology that Transforms Education

As academic institutions look to modernize the way they work, communicate, and collaborate, the need for intuitive, reliable, and secure digital tools has become priority. Google Workspace for Education enables higher education and K-12 to transform instruction and learning by providing a central place for administrators, educators, and students to create, organize, store, and share files with each other. Additionally, it equips technical staff with controls and features that proactively protect domain sensitive and personal data and mitigate cybersecurity attacks.

Get the Most Out of Your Investment in Google Workspace for Education Plus

Does your purchase of Google Workspace for Education Plus qualify you for CDW Amplified Services? If you are a US or Canada-based K-12 school purchasing Google Workspace for Education Plus licenses (between January 1, 2024 and December 5, 2025), you may be eligible to receive training and support services* for your domain at no cost to you.

*Note: This offer is a limited-time program for qualifying customers and only available while services last

Develop a Robust Digital Environment

Searching for a way to communicate the value of a Google Workspace for Education adoption in a digestible way?

Download the K12 Ebook: Google Workspace for Education K12 Blueprint to Success

Download the HiEd Ebook: Google Workspace for Education HiEd Blueprint to Success


Learn how to save up to 98% in labor resolving phishing incidents, 300 hours per year on domain projects, and $168,000 on 3rd party solutions with Google Workspace for Education Plus.

Download the Executive Summary: The Total Economic Impact of Google Workspace for Education Plus


Discover how Google Workspace for Education can eliminate the need for under-serving technology.

Download the Guide: Tech Consolidation with Google Workspace for Education


Google Workspace for Education Editions

Each edition is curated with features designed to meet the unique needs of your institution:



Empower your institution with digital tools like Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Classroom, Assignments, Sites, Groups, Drive and Admin that enhance teaching and learning at no charge.

Your Best-Fit Edition

Find your institution’s best-fit Google Workspace for Education edition with this 2-minute, 16-question assessment to match your technology needs with the features that will meet them.


Experience the value of Google Workspace for Education Plus for yourself with a 60-day trial.

At CDW, we have equipped over 4,000 academic institutions with Google Workspace for Education, impacting over 30 million students.

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