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Assess Your Institution’s Google Admin Console Chrome Settings with a Chrome Checkup

With the rapid adoption of education technology through 1:1 models, classroom carts, or computer labs, your technical staff are configuring and monitoring larger fleets of Chrome devices than ever before. As they are utilized throughout the academic year, these devices will experience a fair amount of updates and degradation that if neglected, can leave them vulnerable to metric errors, security breaches, and operational issues. You can mitigate these impending tech tickets with a Google for Education Chrome Checkup. It is an infrastructural analysis that dives into your institution’s Chrome OS and Chrome device settings, and equips you with a comprehensive report of recommendations to improve OU structure, the onboarding process, device management, setting configurations, and role delegations for effective deployment and efficient usage.

Have You Configured Chromebooks with Best Practices in Mind?

A Google for Education Chrome Checkup digs deep into your current Chrome User, Device and Management configuration. Our team of industry experts will analyze all Chrome-related Admin Console settings and your Chrome device data to ensure you are set up for success and ready for the future.

Become a Certified Chrome Specialist

The Admin Chrome Specialist Certification equips you with the fundamental skills necessary to manage Chrome device enrollment, sign-in controls, reporting, network settings, filtering, troubleshooting, and more.

Chrome Checkup Evaluation Overview

The Google for Education Chrome Checkup evaluates the following:



Google IT Specialists will assess your institution’s Chrome OS and Chrome devices settings that regulate the operation of organization structure, device lifecycle, and enrollment procedures.

We can help you change the way you manage your fleet of Chrome devices.

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