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Effectively Configure Your Domain from Day One with the Google for Education Kickstart Package

The Google for Education KickStart Package is a guided configuration of your institution’s Google Admin console by a Google IT Specialist to ensure settings, structure, permissions, and policies support and continue to support your strategic goals for technical, administrative, and academic success.

Successfully Launch Your Institution into the Google Cloud

When institutions “go Google,” the Google Admin console does not come out of the box configured to operate within the education industry. As a result, technical staff spend time and resources building out a Google Workspace for Education domain that is flexible, reliable, and secure for administrators, educators, and students. Without a solid foundation of Google for Education knowledge, domains can end up with misconfigurations, improper OU structure, an abundance of delegated permissions, and security vulnerabilities. The Google for Education KickStart Package equips your technical staff with a configuration guide that is based on EDU best practices and tailored to your stakeholders unique needs so that your domain is safe and ready for teaching and learning on day one.

Avoid a Misconfigured Domain

The “Top Misconfigurations of a DIY Google Workspace Domain” checklist gives you the information necessary to avoid the most common initial configuration errors that occur when institution’s “go Google.”

Evaluate Your Google Admin Console Configurations

The KickStart Package provides consultancy for the following:



The Google for Education KickStart Package will configure your institution’s domain by setting up your profile and security policies.

Tailor your Google Workspace for Education domain to your institution’s goals and EDU best practices.

Contact your account manager to get started with the Google for Education KickStart Package.

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