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Stay Connected to Your School from Anywhere

Completely transform how your school community communicates with Google Voice. With the options of remote, hybrid, and in-person teaching and learning, there is a need for schools to have an efficient communication system like Google Voice. Google Voice is a smart, scalable, and simple cloud-based phone solution that ensures your stakeholders stay connected whether they are teaching and learning in the classroom or at home. As a reliable phone solution, Google Voice can serve as a solid foundation for school learning continuity plans. Google Voice also allows administrators and teachers to contact students and parents while keeping their personal phone numbers private. Discover how Google Voice can transform the way your administrators, teachers, students, and parents communicate with a 30-day free trial.

Completely Optimized School Communications

School communities need to stay connected with reliable communications no matter where the lessons are taught. Stationary telephone systems just won’t cut it on a cloud-based network. With Google Voice, users are equipped with a designated work phone number to communicate with stakeholders via a desktop phone, or cellular and computer devices. Google Voice’s AI automatically transcribes voicemails to mitigate misunderstandings in conversations and retains data such as call logs, text messages, and voicemails in Google Vault for future access. Google Voice’s AI also uses Google’s powerful spam filter to block scam calls and minimize unsolicited interruptions. Google Voice ensures that school stakeholders can stay connected on a reliable phone system to support academic growth and success.

Set the Foundation for the Upcoming Academic Year With Google Voice

K-12 School Districts Using Google Voice to Communicate

Learn more about how K-12 districts and schools can leverage technology and online learning portals to reach parents, as well as best practices for developing communication strategies heading into the school year.

Have a Supportive, Collaborative School Environment

Forget blackboards — the classroom of today is a student-centered, collaborative environment that supports a wide range of abilities and learning activities.

Prepare Your Google Domain

Now that technology is an essential part of teaching and learning, schools must ensure that those devices and their Google Workspace for Education domain are prepared for the upcoming academic year to set the foundation for future growth.

Seamless Integration with Google Workspace for Education

Google Voice puts teachers in control of their call logs by integrating with Google Calendar and Google Meet. Customized number assignments, porting, and billing for the service can be managed in the Google Workspace for Education Admin console.

Google Voice Licenses for Schools

Google Voice is priced per license per month with regulatory fees included for a 12-month service period. Schools are required to purchase a minimum of 50 licenses and licenses must be applied to the primary Google Workspace for Education domain.

Make placing and receiving calls easier and more secure.

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