Strategically And Tactically Manage Your Google Workspace For Higher Education Domain

Institutions of higher education are hubs for research and innovation that prepare students to impact the global economy. With their complex digital infrastructures, colleges and universities require flexible, reliable, and safe solutions that meet the need for efficient internal operations, ample storage availability, compliant security policies, dynamic instructional practices, effective device management strategies, and more. CDW Education offers a wide-range of services that can support the Google Workspace for Higher Education domain.


Get the Most Out of Your Investment in Google Workspace for Education Plus

Does your purchase of Google Workspace for Education Plus qualify you for CDW Amplified Services? If you are a US or Canada-based institution of higher education purchasing Google Workspace for Education Plus licenses (between January 1,  2024 and December 5,  2025), you may be eligible to receive onboarding and support services* for your domain at no cost to you.

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Customize Your Institution's Google Admin Console Settings

The Google for Higher Education Audit

Google for Education regularly makes changes and updates to Workspace offerings and your institution should work proactively to avoid any major issues in their areas of the Google Admin console. The Google for Higher Education Audit is an outcome-based evaluation designed to tailor your college or university’s Google Admin console settings to post-secondary EDU best practices and meet the needs of your Google Workspace for Education users. It analyzes your existing configurations for domain operations, core services, device management, and security to provide a report of recommendations that drive adoption, mitigate Drive capacity concerns, and fulfill cybersecurity insurance requirements.

The Google for Higher Education Audit assess’ the following:

Operations & Google Workspace for Education Management: Google IT Specialists evaluate organization structure, user account management, Admin roles, and account settings to enhance daily domain operations.

Service Configurations & Settings: The Google for Higher Education Audit will also determine the success of existing configurations for core services, additional Google services, and Marketplace applications.

Device Management Settings: Provided recommendations to transform the management of Chromebook and Chrome device fleets enrolled in the domain.

Security Setup & Reporting: Institutions will be equipped with a snapshot of their security and compliance measures in the Admin console to inform their cybersecurity strategy.

Solve Your Most Pressing Domain Challenges With Expert-Level Support

When network errors, misaligned settings, security breaches, app degradations, and other challenges present themselves, ensure your information technology department has the technical support it needs to make the right decisions for your Google Workspace for Higher Education domain without having to research, learn, trial, and implement untested solutions on their own.

Amplified Support for Google Workspace for Higher Education

Expand Google’s basic break-fix support with our Amplified Support for Google Workspace for Higher Education service. Your institution’s technical staff will be partnered with our Google Admin certified specialists, who work exclusively in the Google Admin console, for on-demand support and customized solutions throughout the year. Through an annual subscription, you’ll have access to:  

Amplified Support for Google for Education

Your technical staff can submit an unlimited number of support tickets, and have priority escalations to Google when necessary for the most effective solutions. They’ll also benefit from a next-business-day response SLA for support tickets and priority escalations to Google when necessary for the most effective solutions.

✔ 1:1 outcome-based sessions with Google IT Specialists 

✔ On-demand support tickets and hours available to you and your technical staff 

✔ Priority escalations of support tickets to Google 

✔ Highly responsive 24-hour, next operating standard business day, SLA

Support Stacks

Support Stacks are brief, predefined engagements with Google IT Specialists designed to equip your institution with clear deliverables that solve common challenges within your Google Workspace for Education domain. See this guide to see which Support Stacks will fit your institutions needs.


Efficiently Manage Your Domain Storage

This Storage Readiness Guide will equip you with the factors to consider, resources to utilize, and recommendations to execute so your domain and stakeholders are prepared for Google Workspace for Education’s policy changes.

Implement These Ready-to-Use Sample Storage Policies

For institutions that lack the framework and direction for data storage, utilize these Sample Storage Policies to regulate the retention and retrieval of files and information.

Transform Research & Innovation With Google Workspace for Education

The Google Workspace for Education Higher Education Blueprint to Success helps your institution share the importance of technological innovation in education and the vast capabilities of Google Workspace for Education by outlining the applications, services and features that solve pressing challenges.

Access Infrastructural Replacements and Configure System Interoperability

Google for Higher Education Migration

Security is a consistent top-of-mind challenge for institutions of higher education. You can protect your administrators, educators, and students from cyber threats and attacks by moving to a sound digital platform for instruction and learning. A Google for Higher Education Migration is a seamless transition from your existing digital infrastructure or email and file system to Google Workspace for Education or Gmail and Google Drive. All data and information is transferred securely by Google IT Specialists  with minimal impact on communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Google Workspace for Education Saves the Day

Learn how the adoption of Google Workspace for Education Plus saved Amherst College from catastrophic network failure and provided domain users with a secure digital space to ideate, research, and innovate.

Case Study: Amherst College's Migration to Google Workspace for Education

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