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Keep Your Institution Consistent When It Comes to Synchronizing User Data with Google for Education Provisioning

Whether administrators take on additional responsibilities, educators are assigned new classes, or students are promoted to the next grade, academic institutions experience a lot of movement within their Google environment. Manually ensuring that user accounts are properly configured can become one of your technical staff’s most time-consuming task. With Google for Education Provisioning, our Google IT Specialists will help you avoid inevitable inconsistencies and reduce wasted time by automating how user accounts are created, updated, disabled, and deleted for them. Google for Education Provisioning also uses Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) and Google Password Sync (GPS) to automate the process of updating user information in your institution’s Google Workspace for Education in domain straight from your LDAP.

Google for Education Provisioning Overview

Google for Education Provisioning includes:



Google IT Specialists equip technical staff with recommendations for organizational unit structure, user account naming, and provisioning.

 Institution’s receive a custom configuration to synchronize data from LDAP to Google Workspace for Education that will undergo thorough testing prior to live deployment.

Technical staff will receive assistance implementing various aspects of GCDS and GPS for your institution’s current systems and the automation of GCDS regular syncs.

Existing GCDS and GPS structure and your customized configuration will go through a technical review.

We can help you eliminate disparities and keep your user accounts up to date.

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