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Migrate Your Data Without Interruptions with a Google for Education Migration

Security is one of the most pressing challenges academic institutions face on a regular basis. While technical staff work hard to implement solutions to keep cybercriminals from accessing storage drives of sensitive data and personal information, vulnerabilities can also be found in users’ inboxes. Protect your administrators, educators, and students from phishing attacks by moving from your current email platform and local file system to Gmail with a Google for Education Migration. Conducted by our Google IT specialists, a Google for Education Migration provides your institution with a seamless transition from your existing email and file system to Google Workspace for Education with minimal impact on communication, collaboration, and productivity. It also ensures that your technical staff are armed with the knowledge and information necessary to manage the new platform safely and securely.

Replace Your Current Email System with a More Reliable Platform

Strengthen the Safety and Security of Your Domain

Learn how the adoption of Google Workspace for Education Plus saved Amherst College from catastrophic network failure and provided domain users with a secure digital space to ideate, research, and innovate.

Communicate and Collaborate in a Secure Email Platform

Explore Gmail security features and how they compare to those found in Office 365 or Exchange.

Migrate with Minimal Impact to Workflow

Discover how Tucson Unified School District benefited from completing their migration from Office 365 to Google Workspace for Education during the academic year instead of over an extended break.

Avoid the Common Obstacles When Migrating to Gmail

Steer clear of mistakes when transitioning your existing email system to Gmail with this “How to Avoid ‘Gotchas’ when Migrating to Gmail” Checklist.

Google for Education Migration Overview

With a Google for Education Migration, Google IT Specialists will:



Our experts conduct your migration to Gmail from Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, a Generic IMAP, first class Google Workspaces, Exchange Archives, and other local file systems.

All sent and received dates, read state, and folder structure are preserved during the transition, so users do not lose or miss information.

Corresponding data in your legacy system is moved to Gmail, *Google Calendar, *Google Tasks, *Google Contacts, and *Google Files.


*Note: Only when supported

Migrate your institution to Gmail, a cloud-based, user-friendly, and secure platform.

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