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Solutions For Your Most Pressing Google Workspace for Education Domain Challenges

Your technical staff are expending more time and resources trying to stay on top of Google Workspace for Education updates and manage Chrome OS as technology becomes essential to the modern classroom. Empower them with the support they need to make the right decisions for your domain when network errors, misaligned settings, security breaches, app degradations, and other challenges present themselves.

Enterprise-Level Support for a Secure and Reliable Workspace: Amplified Support for Google for Education

Amplified Support for Google for Education partners technical staff with consultants who provide support, recommend solutions, and enable collaboration for the effective maintenance and management of their institution’s Google Workspace for Education domain and Chrome OS.

Amplified Support for Google for Education includes:

On-Demand Support: Your technical staff engage in 1:1 outcome-based sessions with consultants to  address domain challenges, can submit an unlimited number of support tickets with a 4 business-hour SLA, and have priority escalations to Google when necessary or the most effective solutions.

Customized Solutions: Your institution will receive an annual Google for Education Audit that is tailored to focus on your technical priorities, and provides a comprehensive snapshot of your Google Admin console's existing settings against EDU best practices. This results in a roadmap of recommendations for Support Stacks, training, and tools designed to meet your institution’s unique needs. Your institution will also receive a Chrome device refresh or an actionable plan of performance strategies that ease Chromebook management.

Professional Collaboration: Your technical staff become members of the Google Technical Collaborative, an active community of other Google Admins across North America. They will gain access to an online discussion forum for posing questions, a robust content library of resources that dive in to the Google Admin console, a timely synthesis of Google for Education updates and EdTech news through live stream events with our consultants and industry leaders.

Discover the Most Common Admin Console Misconfigurations

The ‘Top Google for Education Domain Configuration Errors’ guide will give you insight on the potential misconfigurations in your Google Workspace for Education domain by revealing the errors most-often found by our consultants during a Google for Education Audit. 

Expand Google for Education’s Basic Break-Fix Support: Support Stacks

Support Stacks are brief, predefined engagements with our consultants designed to equip your institution with clear deliverables that solve common challenges within your Google Workspace for Education domain.

The available Support Stacks include:

Vault Setup & Best Practices: Configure Google Vault to meet retention and eDiscovery compliance regulations by reviewing policies and holds, learning Vault best practices, and exploring use cases. Learn more.

Implementation 2-Step Verification: Receive guidance on activating 2-step verification and developing an account recovery process. Learn more.

Storage Insight: Discover how file storage is used within your Google Workspace for Education tenant, and determine current total usage, top users, and top storage usage cases to plan for future controls over usage to best fit educational purposes. Learn more.

Shared Drive Insights: Acquire usage data concerning management, users, and files on Shared Drives in a Google Workspace domain to determine the best course of action for any necessary cleanup. Learn more.

Workspace Plus Tune Up: Catch up on the recently launched Google Workspace for Education updates you may have missed and get help reconfiguring your Google Admin console. Learn more.

OU Restructure: Analyze the current OU structure, receive a recommendation for OU structure changes, and a completed OU restructure, including moving users as needed, for your domain. Learn more.

Gmail Security: Optimize Gmail settings to ameliorate issues with usability and security for your institution’s emails. Learn more.

BigQuery: Export Google Workspace log and usage reports into Google BigQuery. Learn more.

GAM Setup & Best Practices: Perform bulk actions, access data, and create automated Google Workspace for Education workflows with a command line tool. Learn more.

Chrome Configuration: Learn how to better manage Chromebook and Chrome device setup, policies, usage, and cleanup. Learn more.

Admin Reports 101: Leverage audit logs and create alerts to better monitor, secure and understand the activity happening in your Google Admin console. Learn more.

Groups Cleanup: Review Google Groups for Business existing groups and individual group settings, use cases, and limitations. Learn more.

Introduction to Chromebook Management: Manage Chromebooks more effectively with these fundamental policy and configuration concepts, and best practices. Learn more.

3rd Party API Access: Receive an API usage dashboard to analyze 3rd Party Access to your Google domain and planning tools for implementing better restrictions. Learn more.

Classroom Cleanup: Use Little SIS for Google Classroom and GAM to help with the bulk cleanup of active classes with unattended students, creating permissions and restrictions, and more. Learn more.

Drive Trust Rules: Receive an overview of how Trust rules work and what use cases are possible can help your team make decisions going forward on what rules to implement. Learn more.

Marketplace Apps and Extensions: Discover the differences between Marketplace Apps, Add ons, SAML Apps, Mobile Apps, Chrome Apps, Android Play Apps, and Chrome Extensions within Google’s terminology. Learn more.

DLP Setup & Best Practices: Review how to configure custom Data Loss Prevention detectors to use in combination with Google’s built-in detectors within Data Loss Prevention rules to reduce the overall number of false positives for given educational situations such as IEPs,  504s, or objectionable content detection. Learn more.

Best Practices for Core Apps: Choose two eligible Core Services to review your current settings for, discuss any questions about what certain settings do, and receive recommendations for best practices for staff and students on how these settings should be configured. Learn more.

CDW Education Services Amplify the Google for Education Experience

Discover how our specialists enabled Education First to get the most out of Google Workspace for Education through leveraging the benefits of CDW Education’s Support Stacks.

Case Study: Amplify the Google for Education Experience

Efficiently Manage Your Domain Storage

This K12 Storage Readiness Guide will equip you with the factors to consider, resources to utilize, and recommendations to execute so your domain and stakeholders are prepared for Google Workspace for Education’s policy changes. 

Consult with a Google IT Specialist.

Solve Your Most Pressing Google for Education Domain Challenges

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