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Sync Your Student Information System and Google Classroom

Automate student rostering and enrollment processes with Little SIS Premium. Integrating student information systems (SIS) with Google Classroom empowers teachers with greater control over class management and equips your technical staff with deeper insights into Google Classroom activity.

Automate Manual Processes In Your Digital Infrastructure.

Institutions that use Google Classroom for instruction often have a separate student information system (SIS). Getting students enrolled in a Google class can be a very manual process for teachers and keeping them up to date through adds, drops, and transfers can be problematic for administrators when Google Classroom and your SIS don’t communicate with each other. However, Little SIS Premium can eliminate those obstacles because it allows your technical staff to conduct an automated import of data from any SIS for teachers to create and administrators to maintain classes in Google Classroom.

What’s Included With Little SIS Premium?



Little SIS Premium enables Google Admins to synchronize SIS rosters and classes in Google Classroom by automatically importing data based on customizable rules and updating it when changes are made throughout the academic year so teachers don’t have to.

Little SIS Premium vs. Clever Secure Sync

Explore how Little SIS Premium compared to Clever Secure Sync as a more effective roster syncing tool for schools.

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Get The Most Out Of Google Classroom

Little SIS Premium eased the county-wide adoption process of Google Classroom for Silver Lake Regional School District in South Shore, Massachusetts by allowing teachers to customize their Google classes without having to worry about their students being rostered and synced as they came and went throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Little SIS Premium work with my SIS?

So far, we've not come across any SIS that can't work with Little SIS Premium. We designed the app to be easy to set up and very flexible in its requirements. As long as the following is true, you can set up Little SIS to run fully-automated roster syncs: Your SIS offers a way for you to build or request CSV exports that contain student class enrollments.

Does Little SIS Premium update Classroom classes that teachers have already created?

Yes, but it is optional. During sync analysis and staging, you can identify and link to pre-existing teacher classes or allow teachers to approve their classes with Teacher Review. When you link a pre-existing teacher class, the teacher receives a notification. The notification lets teachers know they will see automated Classroom roster updates in all future syncs. Alternatively, you can exclude pre-existing classes from syncs. You can also provision a new class instead of linking to an existing one. In general, it's a best practice to allow teachers to approve, link, or merge their classes using Teacher Review.

Does Little SIS Premium update automatically when a new version is released?

Yes, because it is a web app, when an update is available, Little SIS Premium automatically updates. When launched, Little SIS Premium lets users know there is an update. Little SIS Premium admins also receive an email when there is a new update.

Can Little SIS Premium add co-teachers to Classroom classes?

It depends on the scenario. Little SIS Premium does not add SIS-listed co-teachers to Classroom classes. These are co-teachers added by a teacher within Classroom. But if the SIS primary teacher changes, Little SIS retains them as a co-teacher. Added co-teachers are different from teachers who move to a co-teacher position during a teacher change. For example, when a primary teacher changes in an active Little SIS Premium Classroom, the original owner is retained as a co-teacher. Ownership of the Classroom and all related resources transfer to the new teacher. The new teacher can then remove the original teacher in the Classroom settings.

Easily manage and maintain virtual classrooms on a macro level.

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